Ina iniziativa da designers da web per infurmar lur utilisaders davart actualisaziuns da navigaturs

Quest servetsch è ina pussaivladad decenta per recumandar a tes visitaders da midar ad in navigatur pli nov.

This is done with care not to annoy, lock out or erroneously notify visitors!

124 974 paginas utiliseschan il script da

25 864 562 visitaders han gia actualisà lur navigatur.

Sco ch'i funcziuna

  1. Integrescha la trav d'avis en tia website
  2. Visitaders cun in navigatur antiquà vegnan infurmads entras ina trav pitschna e decenta che infurmescha che lur navigatur n'è betg pli actual e recumonda da l'actualisar. (Testar la trav d'avis!)
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  3. By clicking the message, they will get to an info page with reasons why to update (or change) and a list of browsers available for their system.
    download firefox/internet explorer/chrome/opera to update your browser
  4. Sch'igl visitader ignorescha igl avis na cumpara el betg pli per in temps.

Avantatgs e funcziuns

Installar la trav sin tia pagina

Qua retschaivas ti il code per integrar en tia website. Al integrescha simplamain insanua en il code da funtauna da tia pagina.

Suandants navigaturs duain retschaiver in avis:

The script and service is open source under the MIT License.

Ti pos persunalisar il design, il text ed autras opziuns dal messadi.

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